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Values and Workplace Motivators

An Introduction to Values and Workplace Motivators
Most employees don't often think or talk about values in the workplace. Yet, they are the reason people stay, leave, or aspire to certain positions or careers. Values are what motivates people to do and act the way they do.

There are six motivators that make up an individual's value system:

Theoretical: How one values and approaches knowledge and information.
Utilitarian: How one values and approaches time and resources.
Aesthetic: How one values form, harmony and balance.
Social: How one values and approaches efforts to help people and causes.
Individualistic: How one values and approaches authority, power and control.
Traditional: How one values and approaches traditions and a system of living.

Matching individual and organizational motivators creates successful managers, satisfied employees and high performing teams. In the end, successful leaders have a talent for surrounding their employees with the right environment. They create a setting where a person's values and behavior can find reasonably free expression and are respected.

The Benefits

Values and Workplace Motivators helps employees and managers to:
  • Reduce conflict
  • Increase talent retention
  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Energize teams to work together toward common goals
TTI Success Insights® Workplace Motivators Personalized Reports
Based on an individual's responses, a personalized report known as TTI Success Insights® details:
  • General Characteristics
  • Value to the Organization
  • Keys to Managing and Motivating
  • Training, Professional Development and Learning Insights
  • Continuous Quality Improvement - A Norms and Comparison Section
  • A Values Graph
  • A Values Wheel
  • A Values Action Plan
  • A Team Building Summary
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