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Building High Performance Teams

Why Teams?
In an era where organizations are regrouping to compete more effectively and efficiently, the value of teams is immeasurable. Research has found that teams outperform individual efforts when the work being done requires diverse knowledge, skills, talents and abilities. Teams tend to be more flexible and responsive to the changing and often chaotic work environment. At their best, teams offer increased productivity, improved communication, a creative approach to problem solving and much, much more.

Intervention Strategies
Building High Performing Teams can be used independently, incorporated into an existing team-building curriculum or facilitated by TTC's expert cadre. TTC's expertise lends knowledge and credibility to the process and provides an objective viewpoint when intervention becomes necessary. TTC's trainers are strategically located throughout the country and provide low-cost nationwide accessibility and availability. Lead-time for trainers is 20-30 days prior to training. See team building workshops.

Each participant will receive a team building workbook and a TTI Success Insights® computer-generated report. Based on individual's responses to the DISC assessment, each participant will receive a personalized report that details:

  • Basic Characteristics
  • Work Characteristics
  • Value to the Organization
  • Checklist for Communicating
  • Do's and Don'ts of Communicating
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Action Plans
  • DISC Style Analysis Graphs
TTC Delivers Customized Results
TTC's approach to building high performing teams is another example of our personalized approach. From our initial meetings to our final evaluation, our goal is to develop programs based on your specific needs-programs that meet your goals and that add value to your organization.
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