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Staging a Reboot By Nicole Bridge May 4, 2022

This week, I took a back-to-school photo of my three children- right there on the porch, next to the flowerpot, in front of our pink door, as we do every year. Only it isn’t September, it’s March. My kids are among the throngs of school children returning to school after nearly a year of learning on their computers in the kitchen. Returning to school was a big milestone!   My sons shoved their belongings into their old backpacks. One resisted brushing his hair and the other tried to get away with a pair of mismatched socks. They were excited to… Read More

Listening on screen By: Nicole Bridge May 4, 2022

Virtual working has turned many of us into unwitting stars of the 10” screen. And while the pandemic zeitgeist is that humanity, young and old, has evolved into sophisticated technology users, there are still some glitches. We have all learned to stay calm when we get kicked out of a meeting and mined our homes for the most compelling and tidy corners to use as Zoom backdrops. We even remember to mute our microphones. But the truth is, for many of us, collaborating through a screen still doesn’t feel natural. At The Training Connection, we’ve been developing new resources to… Read More

FINDING MENTORS EVERYWHERE By: Nicole Bridge May 4, 2022

In a formal mentoring program, facilitators invest heavily in pairing mentors and mentees. They sort through demographics such as communication style, career trajectory, and experience. They analyze requests and preferences, aiming to create a mutually beneficial experience for both participants.   This involved process is critical when planning successful partnerships that will meet the goals outlined in a prescribed program. There is another type of mentoring, however, that is less reliant on a well-engineered matching system. In this month’s newsletter, we will talk about soaking up mentors using daily interactions with colleagues, organizational leaders, or anyone that you find inspiring.… Read More

Strategy Versus Tactics: The Case for Delegating By: Eileen Marshall January 1, 2022

Many of those in leadership positions, whether middle-management, team leader or senior executive, know they should be delegating tasks – probably more than they already do.  Do any of the following "reasons” sound familiar?     "I just can’t seem to let this task go!”    "I am worried this will fall off the radar.”    "I don’t really trust anyone else to get this done.”    "This is really complicated and would take more time to explain than to just do it myself.”   We can self-talk our way out of delegating to others - and justify it every step… Read More

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