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Our Leadership

The Training Connection, Inc. is composed of a cadre of human resource development professionals committed to improving organizational effectiveness and employee well-being. TTC's valued partners bring with them extensive experience in organizational development, in-house group facilitation and training trainers. They are strategically located throughout the country and provide low-cost nationwide accessibility and availability.


Is the Chief Executive Officer and author of Keys to Mentoring Success. Kathy founded the Training Connection, Inc. in 1995 and has grown the company into one of the most respected and highly sought-after mentoring firms in the Country. She brings over thirty years of experience in business, product and people development. As a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA), Kathy has helped thousands of individuals worldwide experience the power of her training programs and services. A strong focus of Kathy's work has been assisting federal agencies and businesses in developing effective, formal mentoring programs. In addition to personally presenting numerous national training programs in the mentoring field, Kathy is the developer of Dynamic Mentoring Connections, Discovering the Mentor Within and Strategic Career Management; three practical approaches to unleashing human potential. Her most pioneering endeavor has been the development of "The Mentoring Connection," a web-based platform designed to offer organizations a comprehensive method of establishing and managing formal and informal mentoring programs and partnerships.


Is the President of The Training Connection, Inc.(TTC) and provides vision and direction to the products, services and growth of TTC. Jennifer is a recognized expert in formal and informal mentoring matching processes and has facilitated the matching process for thousands of mentoring partnerships over her 20-year career in federal, private and non-profit organizations. As a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA), Jennifer carefully examines how behavior impacts the success of formal and informal mentoring matches. She has helped to tailor mentoring program designs and processes to each customer's specific needs. Jennifer has been instrumental in the development of "The Mentoring Connection," an innovative web-based platform designed to attract, match and track mentoring programs and partnerships. Jennifer also leads the Dynamic Mentoring training and production team.


Is the Vice President for The Training Connection, Inc. (TTC).  Yvonne provides oversight of internal operations, project management and revenue growth for The Training Connection. Yvonne brings over 15 years of experience in a variety of financial functions and contract management. Yvonne provides program support, consultation and resolution to program questions and challenges. She leads and manages regular meetings with clients to ensure timelines stay on track throughout the mentoring program cycle. Her responsibilities also include the management of oversight of TTC's GSA schedule.


Is the Director of Operations for The Training Connection, Inc. (TTC) and brings almost 20 years of experience to training and event management. Trisha manages the day-to-day operations of TTC, including coordination of travel, training events, activities and planning, across town or across the country. Trisha is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA) and is responsible for administering and tracking the 360-degree process for TTC. This tool (known as The Success Triangle Multi-Rater) is designed to give TTC's mentoring participants objective and beneficial feedback on the key skills needed for success in today's workplace. Trisha also serves as a mentoring liaison, providing troubleshooting tips and techniques, timely updates and reminders of status and progress in TTC's formal mentoring programs.

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