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Passing the Torch

Passing the Torch

TTC recently had the honor of participating in the celebration of USPTO Mentoring Program Manger Rosie Saberton’s retirement!  It was bittersweet to say goodbye to Rosie, as her passion and dedication to mentoring at USPTO has been nothing short of legendary!

But we are very excited that she has passed the torch to Kathy Camou, who has been named the new Mentoring Program Manager. Kathy is well prepared for her new role and has learned from one of the best mentors out there!  

We wish Rosie heartfelt happiness as she begins her new and exciting journey, and look forward to many more successful mentoring programs at USPTO with Kathy at the helm.

Speak your Kind

Earlier this month, TTC held their annual team building session at the Montclair Country Club with this year’s theme of "Speak your Kind.” The morning session was hosted by author, life coach and wellness expert, Kerry Alison Wekelo who provided an engaging and interactive presentation about "What Makes a Great day.”  She shared her 6 Daily Principles for a Great Day and how mindfulness can enhance every moment both personally and professionally.  

During the afternoon, Team TTC shared successes from the past year and their goals for 2018. The also discussed their DISC styles with one another and reaffirmed their best practices for communication and collaboration. 

TTC looks forward to this session each year as it reinforces their strong inter-office relationships and re energizes their commitment to the TTC mission - all while having fun in the process! 

Encourage the Study of DISC Work Styles as Part of the Employee Experience

Forbes Magazine said that one of the four biggest HR trends to watch out for in 2018 is heavy focus on the employee experience. The attention will be directed toward what the employee journey looks like within an organization. They will also concentrate on how leaders connect the dots between organizational culture, employee engagement and performance management.

Differences in work and communication style have much to do with the way professional relationships develop and, in turn, the way employee performance, satisfaction and team success unfold.

Join Kathy and Jennifer at the next DISC Train-the-Trainer (March 8-9, 2018) to learn the science behind DISC and gain insights to better communication and higher productivity.



Earlier this month, Kathy and fellow-facilitator (and TTC strategic partner) Nicole Champlin had the pleasure of conducting a Train-the-Trainer event with the folks at the Defense Contract and Audit Agency (DCAA) in Atlanta. Kathy and Nicole worked with seven DCI instructors who came from a variety of professional disciplines including law enforcement, education, military, and EMT. Kathy and Nicole were grateful for the wisdom and experiences the instructors shared and are confident they will do a great job facilitating the mentoring process in-house at DCAA.  

Women's History Month 2017

As we wrap up Women’s History Month, I am inspired to say thank you to the wonderful trailblazers in my life who have mentored me both on a formal and informal basis.

Olive Burns (aka Nana) — My grandmother was a "Rosie the Riveter” during World War II when men went off to war and women went into the factories. I truly believe that the tenacity of women like my grandmother has greatly contributed to the empowerment of women to this day!

Barbara Fife — My mother was a teacher and a day care provider as long as I can remember. We always had a home full of children and my mother nurtured them, gave them a sense of structure and rules to follow, and of course showered them with plenty of love. Their parents could work with assurance, knowing that their children were in a safe and comforting place. When she wasn’t caring for children from our home, she provided day care through a special state-sponsored program that allowed single mothers to send their children to a safe environment where they could grow and flourish. I feel like my mother is an unsung hero who helped raise a lot of children, and in turn helped their parents invest themselves in their careers because they knew their children were safe and genuinely cared for. But her work didn’t stop there. Well after retirement she volunteered at her church, caring for infants and toddlers during church services, giving their parents a much-needed break and an opportunity to strengthen their spirituality.

Dr. Jan Northup — My first mentor. Jan was the first person to help me realize that women needed to help each other grow personally and professionally. Her motto was: "Women helping women.” She developed a wonderful training program entitled, The Promotable Woman: What Makes the Difference? Jan inspired many individuals and organizations to think not only about the technical skills that set them apart, but the interpersonal skills that made the difference. She also taught me the power of mentoring and recommended that every woman attending her sessions should find a mentor.

Jennifer Sellers — My Vice President. Jennifer came into a one-person business with a passion for helping people and the dexterity of a true multitasker. She helped me build TTC into a business that is known throughout the federal government and private industry. Jennifer is particularly well-known as a mentoring match maker and troubleshooter. She has traveled the country facilitating the matching process with amazing results. The stories we hear from past program participants who have prospered in their careers because of their mentoring relationships would warm your hearts and touch your souls!

Honestly, I could go on and on extolling the virtues of trailblazing women I have had the pleasure to work with and observe in my personal and professional life. For now, I feel satisfied with thanking the smart, talented, and savvy women of The Training Connection who are investing their time and energy to help others grow personally and professionally through mentoring:

  •  Jennifer Sellers
  •  Trisha Milligan
  •  Alison Sfreddo
  •  Corinna Natale
  •  Sarah Cubbage
  •  Kristy Atkins
  •  Melissa Uzzo
  •  Staci Weekes
  •  Nicole Bridge
  •  Gina Becton

All of these women, and more, have made me a better person by helping me grow in body, mind, and soul. As a thank you, I try to carry a piece of them all with me every day, and share the experience of their wisdom with others.

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KATHY WENTWORTH DRAHOSZ, B.S., is the founder and President of The Training Connection, Inc., and author of The Keys to Mentoring Success. Kathy brings over twenty years of experience in business, product and people development. As a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA) Kathy has helped thousands of individuals worldwide experience the power of her training programs and services. A strong focus of Kathy's work has been assisting federal agencies and businesses in developing effective, formal mentoring programs. In addition to personally presenting numerous national training programs in the mentoring field, Kathy is the developer of Dynamic Mentoring Connections, Discovering the Mentor Within and Strategic Career Management; three practical approaches to unleashing human potential. Her most pioneering endeavor has been the development of "The Mentoring Connection," an innovative web-based delivery system designed to offer businesses and other organizations a tailor made, comprehensive, effective and cost-efficient method of establishing and managing formal mentoring programs and partnerships.